Light- Words of Wisdom for 05/17/2022 “WEEDS”

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I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.

-1 John 5:13

RECENTLY, our Home-Owners Association police wrote us up for having one glaring weed in our front yard. I vowed to put Miracle Grow on the sucker to let it grow even more. The wife made me pull it. Sigh.

BUT weeds have a purpose. Weeds prevent erosion, draw up nutrients from deeper subsoil, increase soil fertility (whatever the heck that is), and attract helpful insects. Here’s the best part, they all grow independently without any help from me.

PENNING the last few lines of a letter, the Apostle John keeps the good news of Jesus front and center and iterates that his writing is to help those who “believe in the name of the Son of God…” Immersed, submerged, and engulfed into Jesus is to be wrapped in the name of Jesus– His work, character, and reputation. The point is really about the finished work of Jesus. It’s not so much what you do, say, or think. (Remember the Gospel?) Jesus’ death and His life are how you have eternal life now, not just later.

LIKE gorgeous tall weeds, it’s not about anything you do, but man, can Jesus use you if you let his finished work produce abundant, eternal life now through you. God can prevent further erosion of our culture, feed others from the depths of your soul, cause growth in His church, and attract messy people to Himself…if you and I just let Jesus and the Gospel BE the power of God and His work in us.  

AND so, as I sip on my Arnold Palmer and watch the weeds grow, I mock the demonic HOA. The weed gardening burden is light, and the yoke is easy. The same is true with Jesus if we simply come to Him and keep our roots planted deeply in the rich soil of His Gospel.

Jesus, please live in me and let me rest in You so that You can produce eternal life now. Amen.

-Alan Scott

Lead Pastor, LifeBridge Church, Kennesaw, GA

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