Light- Words of Wisdom for 04/26/2022 “ACKNOWLEDGE”

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Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God. 

-1 John 4:15

AT first glance, this teaching is straightforward, so much so I was not sure additional information on my part would be much help. After looking up several translations I noticed the only one basic word change—confess means to acknowledge or declare. The heart of this verse is simple; if we want a relationship with Jesus, we must confess and acknowledge who he is and enter a relationship with him. He is the Son of God and I want to be his.  

BUT then I realized I was looking at this verse simply as a moment in time. Instead, I needed to look at it as continually present in time. As I looked up the definition for “confess” here I saw the idea of agreeing with or making a promise to.   

have heard so many times “I was saved” on this date. I have said that myself as I was baptized on May 6th, 1990. But the truth is I AM saved. The difference is that if I WAS saved, I could almost be putting my faith in a baptism, in a confession on a date and a time and a place where I did something. But my faith is not there, in that act, it is instead in the living Jesus with whom I agree and promise to follow in fact and truth right now.  

confess my Jesus every time the question of choosing to follow his truth comes into conflict with the idea of doing it my way. And I can now live this way because “I abide in Jesus.”  

Let us confess today that Jesus is our Lord and Savior, there is no other. Amen

– Caleb Penwell

Senior Pastor, Bethel Christian Church, Conyers, GA


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