Light- Words of Wisdom for 04/12/2022 “FIRST”

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God showed how much he loved us by sending his one and only Son into the world that we might have eternal life through him.

-1 John 4:9

IN 1928, playwright Marc Conley presented a play titled GREEN PASTURES. The play became so popular that by 1930 it became a movie. The play’s setting begins in a Sunday School class of children in an African American church. Taught by a grand-fatherly pastor, he begins with the

Creation Story reflecting God’s love. He moves to the prophetic years of the Old Testament when human disobedience caused God to send messengers to help turn humans back to God. 

THE play shifts to the Heavens. Angelic singers move about singing hymns of praise. The songs were familiar to African American traditions. The heavenly scene then focuses on Gabriel, God’s trusted angel, who is looking over the balcony of Glory at the activities on earth. Disturbed by what he sees, Gabriel summons God to look with him. The cursing, gambling, stealing, adultery, fighting, even murder moves Gabriel to say, “Lord. It looks like everything we had nailed down is coming loose. Do you want me to go down and straighten things out?” “No”, God replies. “This is something I must

must go down and do myself.”

THE play now focuses on “The Lord” walking into the unsavory human situation. His persuasion by words and deeds led to an unexpected ending. Sinful humanity turned against The Lord, plots his execution, and crucifies him. Later, the play focuses on his triumphal resurrection and his return to Glory. He is praised by the angels and those humans who believed in him.

THE truth of I JOHN 4:9-10 is reflected in “Green Pastures.” God loved us FIRST. We did not love God before He loved us. Now that we know this, how will we respond?

Father, thank you for the greatest give you could give your children, eternal life with you. Amen

– Dr. Emmanuel McCall

Retired pastor, Seminary professor and resident of Christian City

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