Light- Words of Wisdom for 03/01/2022 “ABIDE”

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And now, little children, abide in him, so that when he appears we may have confidence and not shrink from him in shame at his coming.

-1 John 2:28

THERE is an awfully thin line that separates confidence from arrogance. But thin though it be, we can’t overstate its importance. It is easy to admire appropriate confidence, and even easier to be frustrated by arrogance. Is it possible that sometimes what we see as confidence is seen as pure arrogance by those we ought to be influencing for Christ? It is vitally important that we figure this out – for at the most important moment in any human’s life – “at His coming” – John declares that it is possible that we can have confidence and not be “ashamed before Him.” The more I think about being arrogant rather than confident in the presence of Jesus, the more stunned I am that I would even think about that, much less be that.

READ over a page or two in your Bible to 1 John 4:17, and John will use the same word to talk about “confidence in the day of judgment.” Confidence – both in “his appearing” and on “the day of judgment.” Our faith in Christ offers a gift of grace far beyond our ability to measure. 

How can that be? For John, the answer may be “continue to abide in Him.” John loves this word “abide.” It has to do with a persistent, on-going, and reciprocal relationship with Jesus. The Greek word sounds like the English word “minnow.” For me, the analogy is something like this: a minnow can live only when it remains, abides, persists, in the water. Lay it on the dock, soon life slips away.

HOW can I discover appropriate confidence that never looks like arrogance? “Stay in the water.” Or more directly – keep the Jesus relationship persistent. When I read the gospels I see lots of confidence from Jesus – never an ounce of arrogance. May we each discover the blessing an “an abiding with Jesus” life that gives us confidence in the day of His appearing.

Lord God, may we enter into your presence with the confidence assured by our relationship with your Son, and with the calm assurance flowing from our abiding in him. Amen.

– Wye Huxford

Dean of the College of Biblical Studies and Ministry Professor of New Testament and Theology, Point University

Point University

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