Light- Words of Wisdom for 01/18/2021 “CONFESS”

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If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

-1 John 1:9

HURTFUL words. A thoughtless deed. Bad behavior. A selfish or stubborn attitude.

HAVE you ever hurt someone really close to you? What was the result? How did it make you feel? What did you want to do? I’m certain each of us could offer our own personal additions to the short list above; but those examples can all be summed up in one simple word: sin. And sin drives a wedge into any relationship. When we truly love the person we’ve hurt, it should make us want to restore the relationship as quickly as possible by first confessing what we’ve done, admitting we are wrong, and sincerely saying we’re sorry.

OUR relationship with God is no different. The sin in our life can do the same damage…causing a wedge to come between us and our Heavenly Father, leaving a tarnish or stain. However, John reminds us, that through confession and repentance, restoration can take place. And what makes that forgiveness and reconciliation possible is the centerpiece of history and our story! It is the sacrifice of Jesus when He gave His life on the cross as a ransom for us.

IN fact, John’s intent is to say, “If there’s a shadow of doubt in your mind about the graciousness of God, then just reflect for a while on the fact that He has provided an intercessor for you.” That Jesus, God the Son, in intimate relationship with God the Father, is your friend, interceding on your behalf.

MEDITATE on that truth and be thankful today for the forgiveness which is the incredible gift of God.

God, thank you that we can come to you today just as we are, but leave forgiven, restored, and in full relationship with you. Amen.

– Phil Gambill

Company Care Leader, Marketplace Chaplains

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