Light- Words of Wisdom for 01/04/2021 “WALK”

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That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched—this we proclaim concerning the Word of life.

-1 John 1:1

A new year begins, with all the potential the word “new” brings with it, but we still find ourselves living in a world full of contrasts—truth and falsehood, right living and sin, light and darkness. As we walk through the letter of 1 John, we will see the focus of God the Father is on choosing the way of love and truth and light. This journey is grounded in genuine relationships. The Father wants us to walk in faith with him, and in peace with each other.

JOHN teaches us to embrace Jesus, the One who is the Word of life and is the light of the world. He is not a man-made “god,” but existed from the very beginning. And he lived among us. John says we have seen him with our own eyes. This eternal God became accessible to humankind in the most basic way, a way to which anyone could relate. This eternal being can be known, and he has revealed himself to us.

OUR goal then, for the new year and beyond, is more than making good decisions, but to especially pursue an intimacy with this Jesus, this Word of life. To know him and be known by him becomes our highest calling and greatest joy.

WALKING in the Light creates alignment, deep fellowship and authentic joy, both now and into eternity. We have invited pastors, leaders, and friends of Christian City to help us go deeper into the great lessons to be learned and lived out from this letter of 1 John. May God bless you and all our friends who are walking through this journey of discovery and challenge. 

Dear Lord, as we live, play, work and worship, may we learn to “walk” in the light of your truth, mercy and peace. Amen.

– Dan Garrett

Director of Church Relations, Christian City

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