Wakkita is the Administrator for Christian City Hospice and has more than 12 years’ experience in health care. She holds a BS degree in Healthcare Administration, MS in Health Administration with a focus in Gerontology, in conjunction with an Associate degree in Business Accounting.

Wakkita enjoys spending time with her daughter and family. She loves to paint and being creative while baking. She also enjoys traveling the world.

More About Wakkita

Alma Mater:

University of Phoenix and University of South Carolina

Fun Fact:

I love to bake and make wonderful dishes for my friends and family.

Favorite Leisure Activity:


Favorite Vacation Destination:

Savannah, GA

Favorite Book:

The Shack

Favorite Movie:

Imitation of Life

Favorite Food:

Asian Cuisine

Favorite Color:


Favorite Song:

Ribbon in the Sky

Favorite Decade:


Favorite Season of the Year:


Favorite Childhood Memory:

Growing up as a military brat.  Traveling with my family.

What is One Thing You Hope You Never Live Without?

My family

What’s so Great About Christian City?

The ability to be free about my Christian faith.