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THRIVE Graduate Transition Program provides housing, supportive services, life-skills education, and appropriate supervision for youth 18-24 who are aging out of the foster care system or who are homeless and have no one to help them navigate adulthood.

About Thrive

Each year hundreds of Georgia teens age out of the foster care system. Given the tools to succeed, these youth can instead thrive!

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More than 40% of those teens will be homeless within a year; 51% won’t be able to find and keep a job.

Participants in the Thrive program have their own bedroom in one of the Thrive cottages.

They must be employed, and some will be working toward a college degree or vocational school certifications. After six months, each youth will pay a small percentage of what they earn in rent — this rent will be returned to them when they complete the program to assist with moving costs and security deposits.

Participants will learn how to budget – and create an honest budget for themselves. That budget will include saving 30% of their earnings. When they leave Christian City, they will have created a positive rental history, have savings to help them buy a car, and money saved for rental deposits and such.

During their time in Thrive, participants will also have specific instruction in life skills, problem-solving, and decision-making. They learn to write a resume and practice interviewing for a job. They will learn about healthy eating. That you need first and last month’s rent AND a deposit to rent an apartment. They will know what a credit score is, how compounded interest works, and how to live within their means.

The young men and women who complete the program will know how to plan for their futures and to take care of their health. They will know they are unique individuals create by God for a unique purpose in this life.

Who is eligible for Thrive?

Young adults aged 18-24 who are on their own after aging out of foster care, who are homeless, or on the verge of experiencing homelessness are eligible for the Thrive program.

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Your donation is an investment in the future of each family and child in our community.