Visitation with assisted living and skilled nursing residents has resumed. To schedule your visit, click here or call PruittHealth Operations Center at 855-742-5983.

Christian City Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is operated by PruittHealth. Commonly referred to as nursing homes, skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers offer both short and long-term care options for those with temporary or permanent health problems too complex or serious for home care or an assisted living setting.

Services Provided:

Nursing – carries out medical orders from the physician as well as providing nursing care.

Occupational Therapy– focus is on improving fine motor skills (anything from the waist up) – ability to hold eating utensils, brushing hair & teeth, etc.

Physical Therapy – focuses on strengthening large muscle groups (anything from the waist down) to improve walking, sitting, standing, stairs, etc.

Speech Therapy – if necessary, focus is on speech improvement or swallowing ability (typically needed after a patient has suffered a stroke).

Nicole Townsel

Admissions Director

Tour the Main Floor of Christian City Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center and Christian City Assisted Living Center – renovated in 2017.