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Safe Place

SAFE PLACE responds quickly 24/7 to calls for help from runaway and homeless youth across Atlanta, getting them to a safe place to heal and move forward.

About Safe Place

Christian City helps get teens and homeless youth off the streets to a safe place where they can process what caused them to leave home – and heal.

On any day in metro Atlanta, there are more than three thousand youth experiencing homelessness. Statistics show that 30% of runaway children are lured into sex trafficking within 48 hours on the street.

Kids on the run need a safe place to figure things out.

Through partnerships in metro Atlanta and the national Safe Place network, Christian City provides that place.

When a youth reaches out to Safe Place it triggers a response 24/7 from our team. We pick up the youth and provide shelter and love – and help them figure out what’s next.

Highly trained house parents provide caring supervision while the youth reside at Christian City.   Individualized professional services, like counseling and therapy, are offered. Our staff practices Trust-based Relational Intervention (TBRI), an attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention that meets the complex needs of vulnerable youth.

Some youth return home after counseling with their parents. Some need more time and move to a Children’s Village cottage. Every teen is different – Christian City provides a safe place for them to work things out, sheltering them from the dangers of life on the streets, while finding a long-term solution for their care.

Tykeria’s story

Tykeria came to us through our Safe Place program.

She’d been withdrawn from high school because she just wasn’t going and she had not seen or spoken to her mother in over four months.

Our Safe Place coordinators teamed up with the school social worker, and with Tykeria’s mother, and together they were able to get Tykeria back on track and in school, where she earned her diploma!

A second chance and loving support made all the difference in Tykeria’s life.

“If it wasn’t for you guys,” Tykeria told us. “I wouldn’t have graduated. Thank y’all so much.”

Your donation is an investment in the future of each family and child in our community.

Contact Info

If you need immediate help for a youth in crisis, please contact us.

Non-Emergency Contacts:

Kelvin Finlay

Tam Finlay

Emergency, 24/7

(404) 482-8323

The Safe Place Partnership

Christian City serves a large swath of metro Atlanta through its Safe Place partnership with QuikTrip stores, YMCA of Metro Atlanta locations, and fire stations in the following counties: Fulton, Douglas, Carroll, Fayette, Coweta, DeKalb, and Cobb. These organizations post information about Safe Place so teens know they can text the word “safe” and their current address to 4HELP (44357) or call 770-964-3301 for immediate assistance.

Safe Place at Christian City is part of a national network of more than 22,000 partnering businesses and community locations, such as fast-food restaurants, convenience stores, fire stations, public buses, and libraries, which display the Safe Place sign in their windows and help teens in crisis know how to find help.