Month of Meals Campaign – Nourished AND Loved

Thanks for your interest in the Month of Meals Campaign! This is a simple but meaningful way to teach the value of caring for others. Just picture the children, teens, and adults in your church placing one of these little cardboard houses on the kitchen table. For a couple of weeks, the needs of the kids at Christian City Children’s Village become a focal point of conversation. The value of compassion is being reinforced. Then, imagine the fun of dropping in coins at the end of the day and knowing that a child from a wounded background will be eating nutritious meals because of your generosity.

How great it will be to have the children of your church bring their “cottages” to the front of worship and combine their gifts with all the others, and just have the visual of sacrifice there for all to see.

Get the Whole Church Involved

Get the whole church involved by inviting families and individuals to take a “cardboard cottage” home and fill it up. All ages can help provide nutritious meals for one Children’s Village cottage. $1000 will feed 10 children for one month! The Month of Meals campaign is fairly simple, and any church of any size can have a huge impact on the lives of abandoned and neglected children and teens who live at Christian City Children’s Village.

To sign up, contact

Next Steps:

  1. Request your cottages. Do it today! We will send you a bundle of flat cardboard cottages which can be handed out to individuals and families to assemble and use at their home.
  2. Recruit a coordinator who will be the contact person within your church.
  3. Promote the Month of Meals campaign in your church. See the resources immediately below to use in your newsletter, bulletin, Sunday morning slide, and web promotion.

Announcement Slide

Announcement Slide
3840×2160 (4K)

Bulletin Sheet
(halfsheet Size)

Bulletin Sheet
(with crops/bleeds)


  • Sunday, January 27th & Sunday, February 3rd – Encourage individuals and
    families to “take home a cottage and fill it up.”
  • Sunday, February 10th – Remind everyone—Last chance to get a cottage! Take it home and put it somewhere you will see it every day. Fill the cottage up with coins, and bills too!
  • February 10th to February 23th – Cottages fill up with donations.
  • February 24th & March 3rd – Everyone brings their filled cottages to church. Gifts will be totaled and a check sent to Christian City Children’s Village.
  • March 10th – Christian City will communicate with all participating churches
    and celebrate the Grand Total donated!

To sign up, contact