Balancing cash on hand and the needs of Christian City has practically become an art form. On any given day, we might need to pay tuition for several “special needs” children who have just arrived in our Children’s Village or replace a burned out $80,000 air conditioning unit atop our Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Despite our best efforts in planning and budgeting unexpected emergencies and events do occur.

Where Our Donations Go

We do a very good job of managing our resources. However, budgeting expenses is one thing, anticipating the level of financial contributions we will receive in any given month is a whole different matter. We really never know what donations will arrive, so we just do our best to maintain sufficient reserves for any eventuality.

When contributions are made, they are most often directed to “Christian City”. When we receive such gifts, we have the latitude to utilize the funds where we need them most. Sometimes gifts are designated for just the Children’s Village and when that is the case, we earmark those funds and that is where they go…no exceptions.  The same is true for funds donated to the Nursing and Rehabilitation Center or for some special project like a new bus. Whenever the donor directs the funds to a specific use, we are extremely careful to apply them there. Again, there are no exceptions.

Help us Meet our Greatest Need

Now, sometimes we have a desperate need in the Children’s Village but have no immediate resources available. We cannot utilize funds designated for some other purpose so we are caught in a strange situation. We have money in one pocket but we just can’t use it where we need it most.

When making a contribution to Christian City, it is most helpful if the donation is to “Christian City” in general so we can exercise the discretion on where we need it most. This really helps us ensure that the GREATEST NEED is being met.

We Thank You!

We deeply appreciate any contribution we receive for any purpose.  Donors have their special reasons for favoring one ministry or use over another so we will always honor those wishes and special preferences. However, it is extremely helpful to us to receive undesignated and unrestricted funds. We would appreciate any donor just keeping this thought in mind as they prayerfully consider making a donation of any kind.

Our Donor Privacy Policy

We will not sell, share or trade our donors’ names or personal information with any other entity, nor send mailings to our donors on behalf of other organizations.