Christian City Cooks! Order Page – June Sale!

Thank you for your interest in Christian City Cooks! For the month of June, you will receive time-tested favorite recipes compiled by Christian City’s beloved residents and staff, for the discounted price of $11.20 (plus S&H). A 20% savings!

We are happy to offer you two ways to order and receive your cookbooks!

Supplies are limited, so be sure to secure your copy today!

Ship to Me:

To have cookbook(s) shipped directly to you, please click the “Ship to Me” button below.

Here you are able to place an order for delivery of 1-5 cookbooks. If you wish to purchase more than 5 cookbooks, please contact Tiffany Sutherland at 770-629-7370. For your convenience, shipping and handling fees have been calculated for you.

1 book – $14.70
2 books – $27.90
3 books – $39.10
4 books – $50.30
5 books – $61.50

Giving the cookbook as a gift? Include the recipient’s name and address in the comment’s section near the bottom of the order form, and we’ll ship it directly to them.


If you would like to drop by and pick up your cookbook(s), please click the “Walk-In” button below.

Once you have placed your order, you may drop by the Christian City Welcome Center, located at 7345 Red Oak Road, Union City, GA 30291, Monday – Thursday, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

1 book – $11.20
2 books – $22.40
3 books – $33.60
4 books – $44.80
5 books – $56.00

Will someone pick up your order for you? Please leave their name in the comments section near the bottom of the order form and we’ll have the order ready for them when they arrive.