The Thrive Graduate Transition Program prepares our high school graduates for independent living.

Thrive is designed for young adults who have completed their high school education or equivalent while in the care of Christian City Family & Children Programs. The program includes applied supervision to assist these young adults in making quality career and life decisions and provide assistance with developmental milestones.

A Thrive candidate must have a plan for personal development, which includes one of the following options:

· Enrollment into a college program

· Trade school registration and enrollment

· Career preparation including on-the-job training

· Full-time employment, if not currently pursuing higher education

Youth enrolled in academic endeavors are expected to maintain at least part-time employment in addition to their educational pursuits while in the program.

While participating in the Thrive program, youth are expected to learn and demonstrate a variety of skills indicating readiness for independence. These skills include, but are not limited to: obtaining a driver’s license, budgeting, and financial literacy, resume preparation and other job readiness skills, college/trade school assistance, cooking, home management, mobility/community awareness, self-advocacy, etc.