Christian City Children’s Village is a 35-acre, gated, private, residential community. Each home is stewarded by a married, loving, house parent couple providing care for children. Each house operates as a distinct family unit and the children are encouraged to decorate their space in a way that makes them feel at home. The goal of the program is to partner with families and children in crisis to work through the challenges faced and navigate the path back home.

We provide hope for children and families in crisis.

Referrals for Christian City Children’s Village come through community partnerships with churches, schools, therapists, concerned family members, the Department of Family and Children Services, etc. Our program is designed to serve families in need of additional out-of-home support. Many of our families experience mild to moderate behavioral and/or emotional challenges with their children; crisis due to homelessness, eviction, job loss; blended family dynamic challenges; or children being raised by extended family facing aging and illness.

Life at the Village

At Christian City Children’s Village, the natural families partner closely with a support team to ensure the needs of both child and family are met. The support team consists of human service professionals, a therapist, house parents, and the program executive.

Families in our program are expected to participate in service planning, therapy, visitation, and recommended trainings. Part of the partnership involves families providing support for their child.

During evaluation and intake, families will be required to provide documents regarding their financial status and an agreed upon amount will be determined for the child/family to receive program services. However, no family will be denied services at the Children’s Village based on financial limitations.

Children in the residential program often develop close trusting relationships and friendships with peers and their house parents. Christian City Children’s Village believes that a child’s success is often tied to the supporting relationships they develop with their natural families, community supports, coaches, teachers, pastors, etc. The program strives to be intentional about exposing each child to healthy supporting relationships that will remain long after their time on campus has ended.

All children are provided with a high level of care to meet their individual needs. Some of the services include: education, tutoring, individual therapy, psychiatric services (as needed), independent living skill development, structured and disciplined home environment, and trauma-informed care.

Children in our programs will have opportunities to become involved in extracurricular activities at school and in the community, participate in children’s church/youth group, attend summer camps, have part-time employment. Various community activities are offered to the children at times when sponsored by donors (such as Six Flags, Skyzone, Atlanta Zoo, Dragon boat races, etc.). The children enjoy the outdoor recreational facilities located on campus as well.

With a strong emphasis on meeting each child’s educational needs, we partner with a variety of programs. At the time of arrival at Christian City Children’s Village, children often perform 1-2 grade levels behind. Therefore, most children require a variety of educational supports to advance to their appropriate grade level, complete current grade level, and eventually, graduate high school.

We partner with a variety of SACS accredited public and private schools in the community to meet these educational needs. For children in need of tutoring services, the Children’s Village partners closely with Fulton County Title I tutors for assessment and services.

Christian City Children’ maintains a 100% graduation rate for youth that remain in the program through high school graduation.

  • Ages: 5-17
  • Common behavioral/emotional challenges:
    • ADHD
    • Mild to moderate challenges:
      • aggressive behaviors both verbal and physical
      • depression
      • anxiety
      • bipolar disorder
      • anger management
      • cutting
      • intellectual disabilities
      • History of suicidal ideation
      • History of drug/alcohol addiction

For additional information, reach out to our human service professionals by calling 770-964-3309.

Behaviors beyond our scope of care:

  • active suicidal ideation
  • sexual acting out
  • untreated addiction
  • moderate-to-severe physical aggression
  • moderate-to-severe intellectual disabilities

Families are expected to pick their children up for two weekend visits a month and various weeklong intervals throughout the year. A calendar will be provided during the admission process and families are expected to comply, unless otherwise specified in the acceptance based on family needs.

Host Family Partners
Our host families live near the community and are interested in developing a personal relationship with children in the program. The family must complete background checks and a home study process as well as provide recommendations.

Tutors Needed
Based on educational needs, the Children’s Village is always interested in current and retired teachers volunteering to work with the children in our programs.

Schedule a presentation/info session in your community or church
Each home at the Children’s Village attends a different church in the local community. Children attend and participate in many church activities including youth group, children’s church, camps, etc.

Support Financially
Christian City Children’s Village is a nonprofit serving children and families in crisis. The program relies heavily on private donations, church support, foundation support, and corporation support. To donate online, click here. For more information about the various ways to provide financial support to the Children’s Village click here or contact the development team.

Donate Items Needed
Click here for a list of current donation needs.