Sarah Roberts

Resource & Development Professional Crossroads Foster Care & Adoption Program

I received my bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Kennesaw State University and started working in the medical field with oncology patients and then found my way into foster care. I care deeply that every child has the chance to grow up in a home where they know they are safe and loved.

More About Sarah


I love spending time with my family, finding new coffee shops, traveling, and cross stitching. I have a pup, Jack Bauer, who comes along for all the adventures he can!

What has prepared me for my new role

I am a certified trainer in a variety of subjects that pertain to foster and adoptive families. Topics such as Together Facing the Challenge, IMPACT training, Safety Care training, and Enneagram coaching.

Why did I choose Christian City?

When I saw that Christian City focused from children to senior citizens, I knew I wanted to be part of it. It’s a unique privilege to work with a company that has the opportunity to help so many people from every stage of life.

Why am I excited about my new role?

I am most excited about the team I get to work with. Our team works together well and cares deeply about the youth in our care and those who care for them. Our supervisor values our mental health and is willing to step in when needed. It’s great to be so well supported!

Favorite Fact:

I always carry a pack of confetti in case there is a need for celebration.

Favorite Decade:

The 70’s – I love all of the colors and music and bell bottom jeans!

Favorite Food:

Tacos – The only food that is acceptable for every meal.

Favorite Leisure Activity:

cross stitching

Favorite Childhood Memory:

When I was a kid, I lived in Saudi Arabia. My family rang in the year 2000 at the Red Sea! We shot fireworks and camped on the beach. It was an awesome memory