Mieka Gillespie

Family Resource Coordinator

Summary of job responsibilities
Create community partnerships that are dedicated to helping students and their families’ overcome
problems that keep students from succeeding in school; coordinate existing family and youth support services as needed and resources permit. Provide outreach via home visits, neighborhood, church meetings, etc. Provide referral information to families. Supervise on-site childcare providers.

More About Mieka


Interior decorating, karaoke, bonding with my kids, spending time with family, and shopping.

What has prepared me for my new role:

Life experiences as well as professional experiences prepared me for this role.

Why did I choose Christian City?

I chose Christian City based on the mission and overall goal to provide services to people as a whole.

Why am I excited about my new role?

This role allows me to do what comes naturally: being of service to others.

Fun fact about me:

I’m the middle child of nine.

Favorite Leisure Activity:

Watching movies on my couch.

Favorite vacation destination:

The Bahamas

Favorite book:

”The Coldest Winter Ever”

Favorite movie:

”The Color Purple”

Favorite Food:


Favorite Song:

“Let’s Chill” by Guy

Favorite Decade: