Christian City – a Faith Community

Christian City is a tangible expression of the Church’s call for ministry and community. We provide services and ministry on behalf of the local church with a commitment to the principles and teachings of Jesus Christ. Christian City is a welcoming place where all people are accepted, valued and loved whether they live in our community or use our supportive services.

Community Spiritual Life

We seek a community life that honors, celebrates and nurtures our relationship with God and with one another – a place that encourages expressions of faith, hope, love, service and hospitality. We celebrate our experiences together. We are family. Along with the richness of informal fellowship, Christian City provides a broad range of community spiritual life programming, including regular community worship, Bible study, resident gatherings, special focus programming and fine arts. Local churches offer fellowship, with many coming to campus to share in ministry.

Spiritual Care Services

Staffed by full-time chaplains and volunteers, Christian City’s Spiritual Care Office serves the spiritual needs of the community by providing a full range of spiritual care and support. Along with relational visitation, engagement and support, the chaplains and volunteers of the Spiritual Care Office provide a variety of opportunities for spiritual expression and growth, as well as opportunities to serve in ministry to others.

Spiritually-minded Staff & Volunteers

No. Christian City encourages residents to be active members of their own community of faith. However, we recognize that, as people age, it becomes more difficult for them to participate in off campus activities. So, Christian City provides opportunities for worship at various times during the week at times that would not generally conflict with activities of the church community.  For example, various churches in the community participate each week in providing a worship service at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.

Spiritual Care Leadership


Carl Ryden

Chief Spiritual Care Officer
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Randy Worrell

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