Rick Couch learned cabinetry at a young age from his grandfather. He subsequently learned the skill of welding as a vocational college student in Virginia. Upon graduation, Rick immediately went to work at Newport News Shipyard where he helped build submarines, ships and one aircraft carrier, the USS Eisenhower.

Following his employment in Virginia, Rick joined the Boilermakers union and traveled across the United States working in power plants and other companies. He moved up in the ranks and was superintendent over many jobs.

In 1996, Rick joined Pruitt Health as a maintenance director at Fairburn Healthcare. After nine years of service, he and his wife answered the call to the mission field. They left their jobs, sold their home, and moved to Laredo, Texas, to do mission work in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

Upon moving back to Georgia, Rick rejoined Pruitt Health and continued to advance in the company as an Environmental Consultant. At twenty years of service to Pruitt Health, Rick believes he was given the opportunity of a lifetime to continue God’s work and make a difference at Christian City. He became Director of Facilities Management in 2017 upon John Kimmons’ retirement after 40 years of service at Christian City.

More About Rick

Fun Fact:

Welder, Craftsman

Favorite Leisure Activity:

Hunting, camping, guitar.

Favorite Vacation Destination:

Coopers Creek in North Georgia

Favorite Book:

Bible, and “Experiencing the Presence of God” by Charles Finney

Favorite Book:

Bible, and “Experiencing the Presence of God” by Charles Finney

Favorite Movie:

The Outlaw Josey Wales

Favorite Food:

Varsity onion rings

Favorite Song:

“Hello in There” by John Prine

Favorite Decade:


Favorite Childhood Memory:

Yorktown, Virginia

What is one thing you hope you never live without?


What’s so great about Christian City?

Opportunity of a lifetime to fulfill the commandments of Christ.