Janice Downing

Volunteer Coordinator

Janice was born and raised on Long Island, New York, and has worked in the health care industry since she was 17 years old. She credits her longevity in the field with her passion for putting a smile on someone’s face. “I love my residents and take care of them as I would want my family to be taken care of,” Janice says.

From an early age, Janice has had an appreciation for art, a love for vibrant colors, and a flare for style. She loves to see people come together to share their ideas and talents, which is what drew her to her previous role on the activities team and now as volunteer services coordinator. Janice is a leader who loves to inspire others. She is excited to be working with volunteers who bring so much value to Christian City.

Janice and her son moved to Georgia in 2014.

More About Janice

Favorite Leisure Activity:

I love the beach

Favorite Book:

Shine Annie by Betty Payne

Favorite season of the year:


What’s so great about Christian City?

I love the people and the residents here!