Carl Ryden

Chief Spiritual Care Officer

Carl has served in the Spiritual Care Office of Christian City for 33 years. He currently serves as the Chief Spiritual Care Officer, directing the Spiritual Care office in serving the spiritual needs of residents, families and staff. The office provides a full range of support and programming. Along with department staff, He directs a corps of volunteer chaplains, who assist the Spiritual Care staff in providing on-going spiritual care support. Carl also functions as a consultant to the organization on matters relating to Christian City’s spiritual identity/mission and its role in company practices and service delivery. Carl is an ordained minister in the independent Christian Church/Churches of Christ, serving churches in Tennessee and Georgia.

Carl grew up in nearby East Point. He moved to Tennessee for undergrad and graduate studies. While there, he met and married his best friend, Patty. Carl and Patty have 3 grown children: Thomas, Ann and Martha. They live in Sharpsburg, GA

More About Carl

Alma Mater:

Milligan College, Emmanuel Christian Seminary

Fun Fact:

Carl can shoot bumble bees with a BB rifle (unintended pun there…)

Favorite Leisure Activity:

Music, Hiking, experiences with family, mucho sports stuff, star-gazing

Favorite Book:

The Bible, Moby Dick

Favorite Movie:

Chariots of Fire

Favorite Song:

Beautiful Day – U2

Favorite Decade:

Whatever this one is

Favorite Season of the Year:


What is One Thing You Hope You Never Live Without?

Patty, Air

What’s so Great About
Christian City?

A ministry that honors God in providing a place to call home – a place of faith, hope, love, service and hospitality.