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Fayetteville Christian Church


“…the church is the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. Christian City offers us a wonderful venue to express that kind of love.”

I’m Andrew Higle, and I’m the preacher at Fayetteville Christian Church. I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to tell you about the wonderful relationship that can exist between churches and Christian City.

Christian City gives the church I serve so many wonderful opportunities to pray and give and volunteer and serve. Christian City really does make the church to be a better place.

Coming from the Midwest, I had no paradigm to understand a place like Christian City. Yes, it’s a retirement village. It is a nursing home. But, it also has a children’s village and a place for at-risk teens. And Christian City has a wide range of care from physical therapy to hospice care. It truly is a city.

When I first came to Fayetteville Christian Church, I learned that one of our official missions was Christian City. But, I had no appreciation for what that meant. I’m used to a mission were you just give a monthly gift, but with Christian City…

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…it’s really more like a spiritual friendship. As with every friendship, there’s a blessing that goes both ways. We are a blessing to Christian City, and Christian City has been a blessing to our church members.

In fact, Christian City has become a gold standard for me. I would choose a mission that is so big that it engages everybody, both young and old. I think of a couple like Brian and Barbara who along with other people in the church met together and made lunches in appreciation for the staff at Christian City. Most recently, they brought sack lunches to the volunteers who were working to renovate and repurpose a children’s village cottage. I think that is practical way the church can bless Christian City and they’ll be blessed by using their gifts as well.

So what I’m talking about is not just bringing meals to Christian City, which is important, but volunteering in all capacities. We have students wheeling residents to Sunday afternoon worship services. We have people volunteering in the chaplain’s department and making visits to residents and offering prayers. We have church members serving on Christian City’s board. We’ve had work crews volunteer for a day and some members have volunteered in the thrift shop. Members have volunteered at Christian City for team building, too.

At all levels, we have had our church members involved in the mission at Christian City. I think it’s a beautiful thing when the mission relationship becomes so close that it kind of becomes part of the church’s DNA. I’m a preacher, so I hesitate to say that creating this kind of relationship is easy. But, it really is easy to partner with Christian City and the benefits are innumerable.

Of course, we give money, too, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Ultimately, we believe that the church is the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. Christian City offers us a wonderful venue to express that kind of love. Christian City makes the church to be a better place.